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Ladies and gentlemen,

We are about to witness Mr.David and Mrs.Li's romantic wedding. I'm the new couple's friend, the host of the wedding,Longfei. At this moment, In the marriage hall, everything seems so amazing for your presence.

Today,a father is going to open the gate of love ,which will bring his daughter to the road lead to happpiness.

The bridegroom, Mr.David, is going to welcome his beautiful bride with his true heart and excitment, Now, welcome Mr. David!

One of the man is her father, the other is her lover, they are two of the most important man in her life. It not only the deliver of love, but also the relay of love.

Now, let's keep quiet, with our blessing, the new couple will walk towards to the most holic marriage hall hand in hand.

篇二:婚礼主持语 英文版

王淳立 王艺瑾婚礼主持词

Wang Chunli Wang Yijin Wedding


Before the wedding, repeatedly play the newlyweds’ E-albums

1、 开场前主持人温馨提示:

1. Before the wedding, the host gives the warm tips:

尊敬的各位来宾,亲爱的各位朋友,大家中午好,再次感谢您的光临,有请所有来宾抓紧时间入席就坐,请摄影师摄像师就位,请音响师就位,请督导师就位,公元2016年7月10日,王淳立 王艺瑾 神圣浪漫婚礼 现在开始

ladies and gentlman, dear friends! Thanks for your attending. It is July 10, 2016, the date for the sacred and romantic wedding of Wang Chunli and Wang Yijin. Now, the wedding begins.

2、 主持人开场白:

2. Opening Remark:

千百年来,斗转星移,人世间总有一份恒久不变的情怀 那就是爱,只要心中有爱,不管是远隔千山万水,还是远在异国他乡,总会换来相守今生的姻缘,在今天,这份爱的真谛即将呈现,所以下面就请所有来宾把目光聚焦幸福舞台,首先让我们响起热烈的掌声,有请今天婚礼的男主人公,新郎王淳立 幸福登场

Over thousands of years, time goes by, but onething be there is never changed. You know that’s not diamond. That is love. The true love.Even he was a punk,she did ballet. She have a pretty face and he hve lovely Asian eyes.But they falling love so deep.Now, let’s give bridegroom the warmest welcome,he is a hero whos the princess waiting for a long time.Welcome wangchunli to the stage.


(The bridegroom comes to the stage from one side and stand in the center of the stage)

(一) 新郎接新娘:

(1) The bridegroom comes to pick up the bride.


Our bridegroom ,please walk to your beloved girl,give her your heart,let her hold your hand.

(二) 新郎跪地献花带新娘回主舞台: (2) The bridegroom knees down to give the flowers to the bride.


there is a beautiful bunch of roses in bridegrooms hand. The flowers was picked by him in the garden .when the thorn punctured his fingertips, he realizes that except sweetness, love also needs courage and dedication .he will tell her onething in his whole life “I can shed blood and sweat for you , but I will not let you shed a drop fo tear”

(三) 西式证婚

(3) Western Witness


婚姻,是一种承诺,婚姻,就是要求延续一生的相互陪伴,这其中包括相互的支持,帮助和爱,生活会给你们带来想到和想不到的困难、挫折和压力,但是爱会让你们每天都充满希望,将幸福 带入彼此的心田,此刻的你们虽然想对无言,默默无语,那是因为你们懂的,任何华丽的辞藻都无法表达你们对于爱的承诺,也唯有两枚爱的戒指,可以诠释永恒。

Marriage is a commitment; it’s a accompaniment in the whole life. It includes mutual support, help and love. There will always be unexpected difficulties, setbacks and pressure in life, but love fills everyday with hope and brings happiness to your heart. At this moment, any gorgeous word cannot describe your commitment to love. Only the two rings of love can interpret eternity.


please use your right hand to take out the ring and hold it before your chest. Cover each other’s hand with your left hand, look into the other’s eyes and answer the following questions seriously in front of all witnesses:

尊敬的新郎,在你生命的记忆中,你面前这位美丽的姑娘,有一天,他可能真的 不再青春靓丽,你是否愿意陪伴他 走过漫漫人生长路,一起牵着彼此温暖的手,去迎接你们人生中的每一次挑战,无论遇到任何困难,你都会用你的生命呵护她,陪伴他,永远不离不弃,甘苦与共,如果你愿意,请用你男人的胸襟和气魄,让您的声音,响彻全场。

Wang chun li , are you willing to accompany her to go through the long life. Hold her hands to face every challenge in your life. No matter what difficulties you face, you will take care of her and accompany her with your life. Never leave her alone and share sorrows and happiness with her forever.?

美丽的新娘,也许随着时光的飞逝,新郎那健壮的臂膀,有一天可能真的不再有力,他那挺直的脊梁也会渐渐的弯曲,你是否愿意,牵着她的手,走过漫漫人生长路,到你们白发苍苍的时候,还能够共同回首往事,携手笑看夕阳,如果你愿意 ,同样希望 能够听到你坚定地回答!

Wang yi jin , are you willing to hold his hands to go through the whole life? Until both of your hair turns grey, you will still recall the memories with him hand in hand under the setting sun. If you do, please give your determined answer!

来吧新郎新娘,请你们把这枚承载了彼此至真至爱的指环,轻轻地,轻轻地戴在对方左手的无名指上,戒指戴在手上,你们未来的人生 将无惧风雨!!

bridegroom and bride, now please exchange your wedding rings


And you can kiss each other now .


(5) Wedlock Wine (Two Cups of Water)


当中最幸福,最灿烂的时刻,记得红衣法师李叔同曾经说过,灿烂之极,必将归于平淡,当所有的激情过后,等待两位新人的必将是清水般平淡而又平静的生活,然而平平淡淡才是生活的本来面目,所以下面有请两位新人 共同端起这杯清水,请你们慢慢的举杯,轻轻地碰杯,为了彼此的缘分,为了今生的牵手干杯!

Dear guests and friends, today, under your witness and blessings, is the happiest and most wonderful day for the new couple. let’s welcome the new couple to hold up the cups. For your fate and for the life?cheers!

(4) Witness:

(四) 岳父岳母祝福视频

(5) Blessing Videos from Parents-in-law


today, the couple begin their new life. I think at the time, the happiest persons are parents of two newlyweds. At this beautiful moment, the bride’s family, who are in Britain, give their blessings through the video. Now, let’s watch the screen to feel the most sincere feelings…

(谢谢伟大的喜岳父喜岳母送来的祝福,在此刻我们也祝福远在异国的新娘的爸爸妈妈,身体安康 万事顺心)

(Thanks for their best wishes. Now we also bless them healthy and happy)

(五) 新人向父母讲话 三鞠躬(此刻父母在“T”台尾端花门处)

(6) Newlyweds give speeches to parents, three bows (parents stand at the gate of T stage.)

It can be said parents devote full efforts and energy to raising their parents. Our bridegroom and bride are grateful. So at the special moment, they want to talk to the parents-in-law in the foreign country and parents standing in the happy starting point. First, let’s welcome the bridegroom...Now it’s the bride’s turn. Bridegroom and bride, please bow to parents for three times.

1、 感谢父母养育之恩恩重如山 一鞠躬

first bow

2、 感谢父母培育之情 情深似海 再鞠躬

second bow,

3、 爸爸妈妈你们辛苦了 谢谢你们 三鞠躬

third bow. (六) 新人退场

(9) Newlyweds Exit

幸福的新郎新娘,我想在今天爸爸妈妈 为你们带来的不仅仅是你们幸福的人生,更重要的是爸爸妈妈他们这么多年以来,相濡以沫、栉风沐雨的爱情,永远的记着以爸爸妈妈为榜样,你们未来的人生也一定会经营的向他们那样幸福而又甜蜜,所以来吧新郎新娘,请你们心手相牵,带上所有来宾美好的祝福,踏着爸爸妈妈走过的足迹,一路前行,向幸福出发!!

I think parents not only bring you about the happy life. More importantly, they set an example for you—help each other and overcome difficulties and setbacks over many years. Remember forever that take them as an example, your future life will be as happy and sweet as theirs. Therefore, bridegroom and bride, hold hands together and take all beautiful wishes to follow the footsteps of mom and dad. Towards happiness! (十一)新人回身礼

(11) Turn-around Courtesy

在幸福的起点,请新郎新娘驻足回首,再次用一个深深地鞠躬感谢所有来宾百忙之中送来的祝福 谢谢

At the beginning of happiness, let the bridegroom and bride turn around and bow to guests present. Thanks for their blessings.


(12) Wedding Reception Begins


Well, ladies and gentleman , dear friends. Thank you for attending again. The wedding reception begins now.


? 教堂婚礼英文程序和主持词 ?


Minister: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Do either of you have any reason why you should not legally be joined in marriage?


Is there anyone present who can show any just cause why these two people should not be legally joined in marriage?

在场的各位当中,有谁能提供正当的理由,指出这两位的婚姻不合法吗? (如果任何人知道有什么理由使得这次婚姻不能成立,就请说出来)

Then, (full name of the bridegroom here), do you take (full name of the bride here) to be your lawful, wedded wife?

好,(新郎正式姓名),你愿意接受(新娘正式姓名),作为你的合法妻子吗? bridegroom: I do.

新郎: 我愿意。

Minister: And you,(full name of the bride here),do you take (full name of the bridegroom here) to be your lawful, wedded husband?

好,(新娘正式姓名),你愿意接受(新郎正式姓名),作为你的合法丈夫吗? Bride: I do.

新娘: 我愿意。

Minister: The rings, please.


[The two rings should be put on the Bible held by the Judge. Then the bridegroom take one up and puts it on the bride's finger. The bride take the other one up and puts int on the bridegroom's finger. ]

[ 两枚婚戒被放到《圣经》上。新郎把其中一枚为新娘戴到她的手指上。然后新娘把另一枚为新郎戴到他的手指上。]

Minister: By the power vested in me by the laws of (the country name), I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride now, (the full name of bridegroom here).

以(国家名)法律所赋予的合法权利,我现在宣布,你们正式结为合法夫妻。你现在可以亲吻你的妻子了,(新郎正式姓名)。 [ the bridegroom lifts the veil and kisses the bride. The guests laugh, applaud, and throw confetti. ]

[ 新郎此刻揭起新娘的面纱,亲吻新娘。亲朋好友欢笑鼓掌,抛撒彩纸,庆贺美满婚姻。]

Process of the western-style wedding

The western-style wedding includes ceremony and banquet two parts. The ceremony is held frequently in the church and the close

relatives and good friends are invited. The banquet is less heavenliness

than the ceremony. The newlywed will invite more friends to participate.

Process of the ceremony

At 17:00. The ceremony start. The Father arrives, broadcast approach music,the best man and bridesmaid enter the church, nearby weight stand and face the guest. The ring child gives the wedding-ring to the Father.

At 17:03. Along with the wedding ceremony marching song, the bride pulls her father and enters the church. And than bride's father personally puts her daughter's hand to the bridegroom's hand.

At 17:10. Music stop and entire audience are silent. The bride and the bridegroom exchange the rings and take an oath.

At 17:15. Chief wedding witness gives a speech.

At 17:20. The ceremony finish. The newlywed leave the stage after music resounds, the guest applauds the celebration and strews the flower petal to the newlywed.

At 17:30. The newlywed and the guest photograph accepts as a memento.

Process of the banquet

At 17:40. The orchestra plays music, the guest enters the dining room, may enjoy themselves to dine the savory and drink.

At 18:10. After the newlywed enters the dining room, first food starts to provide, and the waiter pours out the champagne to the visitor. The important guest gives a speech.

At 18:40. After the savory, the newlywed jumps the bridal waltz. The best man, bridesmaid and other guest enter the dance floor afterwards to dance together.

At 19:00. All the people takes a seat again and waiting for the staple food.

At 19:30. While provide the sweet snack, the dance party continued.

At 20:00. The bride throws the bouquet of flowers.

At 20:10. The newlywed shuttle between the guest and thank for their presence, also provide the coffee and each kind of drinks.

At 20:30. After the newlywed cut the cake together, the guest dance or leave the banquet freely.




17:03 随着婚礼进行曲,新娘挽着父亲入场;父亲将新娘交到等候已久的新郎手中。






17:40 乐队奏乐,宾客陆续进入餐厅,可以享用餐前开胃小菜和饮料;

18:10 新人进入餐厅后上第一道菜,侍者们给客人斟香槟,重要来宾致辞;

18:40 开胃菜后,新郎新娘跳第一支舞。伴郎伴娘及其他客人随后进入舞池一起跳舞;

19:00 重新入座等待主食;

19:30 上甜点的同时,继续舞会;

20:00 新娘抛花束;

20:10 新人在客人们间穿梭为他们的光临表示感谢,提供咖啡及各种餐后饮品;

20:30 新郎新娘一起切蛋糕后,宾客跳舞或者自由退场。

传统结婚誓词:Till death do us apart(上邪,我欲与君相知,长命无绝衰.山无棱,江水为竭,冬雷震震,夏雨雪,天地合,乃敢与君绝。)


I, (name), take you, (name), to be my [opt: lawfully wedded] (husband/wife), my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and

respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.


Minister to Bride A:

Do you A, knowing this man's love for you and returning it, realizing his strengths and learning from them, recognizing his weaknesses and helping him to overcome them, take B to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Bride A:

I do.


Place the ring on his finger.



牧师: 请为他戴上戒指

Minister to Groom B:

Do you B, knowing this woman\'s love for you and returning it, realizing her strengths and learning form them, recognizing her

weaknesses and helping her to overcome them, take A to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Groom B:

I do.


Place the ring on her finger. Let these rings serve as locks–not binding you together–but as keys, unlocking the secrets of your hearts for each other to know, and thus bringing you closer together forever.






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